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Madeline Birthday Party

Rosebud adores the character of Madeline, created by Lugwig Bemelmans. Madeline is a Parisian school girl who is strong willed, high spirited and kind, all attributes shared by sweet Rosebud. She avidly consumes all things Madeline; books, movies, shows, toys. As she was learning to talk, a guaranteed way to get her to crack up was… Continue reading Madeline Birthday Party

Health and Beauty

Pro-tip: How to Get the Best Hair in the World

Wash and dry hair Twist into cute buns secured with roughly 1ooo bobby pins Spray an entire can of glitter spray hoarded from Halloween on hair Jump into hot tub which ends up being cold but you still stay in for an hour Dance until hair first dries then gets wet again with sweat and… Continue reading Pro-tip: How to Get the Best Hair in the World

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Princess and the Pea Birthday

This year little Rosebud wanted a Princess and the Pea themed birthday. This took a lot of clever manipulation to coax her away from the Disney Princess Party she originally requested, to something I could happily live with that would still delight her. I can remember my own childhood preoccupation with princess too well to… Continue reading Princess and the Pea Birthday