Snowflake Fairy Birthday

Little Rosebud really embraced her January birthday this year, and asked for a Snowflake Fairy Party. 2017 has hit me like a ton of bricks so far, and with snowstorms, hardcore family drama, ten year old boy drama, my period and the surreal horror of President Trump, I was having one of the worst weeks of my life and the last thing I wanted to do is throw a party. But you only turn six once and Rosebud is the sweetest girl who ever lived and deserves my time and party skillz. So, I crafted through the misery, managing to send this invite, cribbed from Susan Van Sant

I hit a wall the night before the party. I just didn’t have it in me. I thought about canceling, I thought about hiding under the bed. What I did instead is actually tell my friends what was wrong, all my troubles and travails. And they saved me from my own darkness as they always do. Their love and affection, humor and sacrifice always bring me back to the place I can work hard for what I want and love the work. Gypsy Queen and Dancing Queen sent me their love ( I am glad they didn’t come, because they are vegetarians, and in my grief and exhaustion I was feeding my family pizza with every meat!). After they put their kids to bed the others came over, each one a fairy godmother bringing me the gift I needed. Fairy Queen brought me a lovely basket full of roses for the party, exotic shots and corn chips. She smudged sticked me and my house, re-organized my kitchen and gave me sexy hugs. Warrior Queen cleaned and fixed and asked me all the questions that I needed to be asked to get my brain straight. Witch Queen cleaned the bathroom and plied me with wine and hilarious stories and the force of her affection. They helped me turn my kitchen into a winter wonderland and departed at the stroke of midnight ( After Mr Witch Queen was done with futsol and picked them up) in a cloud of wonderful herby and alky smells.

Rosebud and her five snow fairy friends cavorted and played.

I bought a ton of dollar store toilet paper and wrapped all the girls in the paper and made them “snow women”. Then they all had great fun ripping off the paper and having a “snowball fight” in the living room. I had a basket of toilet paper snowballs for them to unwrap that had little snowflake bracelets and crowns for them to keep.

Goblin Princess as Snow Queen

After a really, really fast demolishment of the presents, we moved into the kitchen where I had made fake snow. It was really simple:

4 cups of baking soda

2 cups of cheap coconut conditioner
Then mix really well. It had the consistency of moon sand. I put out a bunch of googly eyes, wee hats and cut up pipe cleaners thinking they would make snow men,But of course what they really loved doing was putting it on their heads. This is when I was really grateful that it was just conditioner and baking soda- also when I had to sweep up the massive mess they made, and it took me a jiffy.

When I look a fantastic children’s parties on Pinterest, it seems like all the food is candy or desserts which hurts my teeth. Rosie wanted snow food, and it was a puzzler to make it healthy. I did put out bowls of green grapes, blueberries and blackberries, but a very pale veggie tray: cauliflower, mushroom and jiacama. Ranch and hummus, crackers and goat cheese and white cheddar. I filled a punch bowl with juice boxes and water.

When it was time to get sweet, we made snow ice cream. I used my snow cone machine(what, don’t you have one?) to grind a bunch of snow, then put on the table little bowls of toppings: chocolate sauce, tiny chocolate chips and three bowls with condensed milk mixed with raspberry jam in one, vanilla in the next and peppermint oil in the last. They made really gross concoctions, but loved it!Rosebud wanted a chocolate cake with a “snowflake fairy making a snow angel, and trees with snow that you can eat”. I made the Fairy out of marzipan, and the trees out of Twix and pirouettes and frosting. The girls rightly called out the marzipan as disgusting, but pried all the trees off. We all had a great time, and as each girl left I let them pick out one of the snowflake fairies I had made hanging over the table. I thought this gift might encourage them to leave with a smile, but we are so awesome that they all had to dragged out screaming!

Meanwhile……..As we were partying, most of our friends were marching in the rain, being counted as one of the 100,000 who made their voices heard at the Portland Women’s March. It was so inspiring, and I suspect while we missed this one, we will have plenty of other chances to protest, alas.


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