Snow Day

This afternoon they announced that Friday would be a snow day, the fourth this week and the eighth this school year. Most of them have been frozen ice storm nonsense, but there was a snow storm on Wednesday and there was a record snow fall. Of course for Portland that means about a foot, much to the scorn of a ten year old Canadian I hung out with today. But the city doesn’t have enough plows and it really is immobilized. And so beautiful!

Can you see Mt Hood behind Fox Boy?
Handsome Librarian couldn’t go to work and nor could I, and although this is going to be a real loss of income, we had so much fun! Walking in the snow to go see friends; playing, playing, playing; having a Harry Potter movie marathon. I love my family to pieces, and I don’t want to work any more and I really don’t want my sweet man to wade through snow tomorrow to go to a dumb office! I just want to hang out and play with my family and force them to do chores and drink wine and eat snow ice cream!!! Why can’t I, damn it! It is not like I want to make child soldiers or sell poisoned toothpaste or anything! I don’t want to be rich! Just enough for a roof, popcorn and an occasional game of glow in the dark pirate mini golf.
Glowing Greens!
MANDATORY SNACKS FOR SNOW DAY HARRY POTTER MARATHON:Lots of Popcorn, however you do it, but for gods sake: butter

Mint Chocolate Chip Snow Ice Cream: Giant bowl of clean snow                          Can of sweetened condensed milk          Cup of chocolate chips                     Teaspoon mint flavor                         Optional green food coloring 

Mix it all up until creamy and eat it all, it will not keep.


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