Frantic Pre Christmas Sewing!

We spent Christmas in New Orleans with my sister’s new baby. I adore New Orleans but spent most of the holiday holding the best baby in the universe or a slave to the needle. I am more than cool with that as I am going again for my birthday and making shit all day is my idea of a perfect vacation.

I made my sister’s baby and his daddy stockings. Sis helped design them and my friend Dancing Queen suggested using recycled wool sweaters. I love using the Let’sDraw app (not a commercial) to roughly sketch an idea and text them quickly to the person I’m working with. They aren’t very pretty, but I love comparing them to the final product. The next step is a finished drawing I can photograph and text.

My first idea with the polar bear was a very geometric design I cribbed from a dead end Pinterest link.

I love geometric animals! Does that make me a hipster?
I knew I wanted to use those sweet snow flakes in the goodwill sweater I found!

My sister wanted a more traditional bear, and I’m glad- I love the geometric bear, but the sweaters, which are wonderfully soft, strong and durable, would have destroyed me if I tried to push it to appliqué in straight lines and right angles.

The baby’s stocking was more work and tons of fun! It had a baby bear in a tree and I was going for a Richard Scarry vibe

From “Goodnight Little Bear”
The stocking turned out very like the drawing:

The brown sweater had these great arms with strips of thick felt with pine cones and needles which I used to decorate the cuff, along with huge red pom-pins! I used a combination of embroidery and appliqué with wool felt and sweater bits. The baby bear is angora- so soft. My sister and I still cherish the stockings my grandmother made us. Fox Boy and Rosebud’s grandma made them cute stockings, but she made them with glue and polyester felt, and they are falling apart. She sweetly “mends” them every year, but I am itching to rip them apart and start over. I am such a fucking craft snob!

I took a class at the kid’s school to motivate myself to make a doll for Rosebud for Christmas. The handwork teachers teach it every year, I LOVE the class and it ends up being very affordable for a Waldorf doll. 

Gypsy Queen modeling her dolls

I took the class two years ago and made a doll Rosebud named after herself and sleeps with. I started suggesting in October that that doll needed a sister and good natured Rosebud put it on her list! Her brother gets very fixated on something and will be invariably disappointed ( even if Santa brings him the fucking 200$ hedgehog he wanted) So I know better than to try to talk him into a homemade gift. As it was he wanted a lava lamp which was easy enough to get, although he is already saddened by its insistence in acting like a lava lamp and not like a magical genii lamp or whatever is in his head. It is not that he is greedy: just delusional. 

As usual the clothes were the hardest for me- I was up sewing until 2 am on Christmas Eve. I didn’t finish the shoes or pants, but who needs pants when you have three dresses, furry coat and boots, a unicorn swim suit and a mermaid tail?

Get her a glow stick!
Her name is Violin Red Rose. Dancing Queen made one for her daughter who named her new baby “Finklestein”

It was a hit! I also made a matching cousin doll for my new nephew:

This doll is wearing jammie pants made of a polar bear fleece I bought yards and yards and yards of. I had this genius idea to make matching pajamas for all the family at Christmas. So, Sister, Uncle T, Baby, YaYa, Handsome Librarian, Fox Boy and Rosebud and I were all getting bear pants. I bought us all tshirts but for some reason was convinced I didn’t need any patterns. I saw once on the INTERNET that you could fold existing kid pants and trace them. So I did that, and then left the Librarian a towering stack of poorly pinned flannel to sew. Sweet Mercy they were terrible!! The kids pants are all actually just fine, but the adults are all nightmarishly short AND wide. I will never made Pajamas again!! Or rather, never force my husband to make pajamas again.

For a much more successful match, my tall, beautiful sister bought us matching dresses for the fourth year in a row. This super cute fox print was from Forever 21 and feels like I’m hugging her when I wear it!

Happy New Year!


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