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Marvel Team-up!

We went to a Marvel v/s DC party this weekend. Yes, we are all NERDS but I really feel I get a gold star in parenting when I see the raw enthusiasm the kiddos have for dressing up in costumes!SuperFam (3)We have been a super team before (Halloween 2012), thanks to my sister’s insistence that we go to Sears and take the most embarrassing family photos ever. I guess we were solidly DC in those days, except for Rosebud. She was supposed to be Bat-girl, but all the baby girl costumes at the costume store were weirdly slutty so I freaked out and went Captain America.

I have gone over to Marvel in a big way, in no small part because of my deep abiding love of the podcast Jay and Miles X-plain the X-Men. The kids love it too, because they still think I am cool.

Fox Boy made a list of 40+ different characters he could dress up as, but he has a soft spot for speedsters, so it was no surprise to anyone that he chose Quicksilver.evan-peters-discusses-quciksilver-in-x-men-days-of-future-past-preview There is no way I would let him see X-Men: Days of Future Past but we have watched the rad Quicksilver in the kitchen scene over and over, plus, Fox boy is one stylin’, 1970s era, hipster dude. I love the specificity of his dream! He already owned grey skinny jeans and grey converse, and we found a jean jacket and sunglasses at the thrift store. He spray painted them silver, and then PAINTED HIS OWN PINK FLOYD DARK SIDE OF THE MOON T SHIRT. Marvel party 058.JPG

I really want to have him make me a bunch of iconic band shirts! Don’t steal my idea! I am pretty sure I am going to make a million dollars on Etsy. Anyway, I sprayed his hair with that terrible Halloween silver colored hair spray which did not work at all so I just put a bunch of flour in his hair. I have never never seen him this confident at a party, and he’s been wearing the jacket to school. However, Peter Maximoff is kind of a jerk and that may have carried over as well.Marvel party 085Rosebud loves Classic Marvel Girl, so we went for what I think is the cutest version,marvel2bgirl2blow2brezMarvel party 059I found yellow tights and gloves at the excellent Lippmans, a woman’s green tank at the thrift store, made the mask and belt out of craft foam, and sprayed her braids red. She was so ridiculously cute! The real Jean Grey is going Dark Phoenix out of jealousy. She really added authenticity by practicing her levitation.Marvel party 090

My Handsome Librarian wanted to be Batman I think, but come on; he is too much Dr. Stephen Strange to be denied.

I decked him out with craft foam which he removed five minutes into the party.

I have certain amount of rationalization and even love for the ridiculous outfits the women in comics wear. Being fat makes dressing up complicated in general, and personifying a traditionally attractive character even more so. I want to look beautiful and sexy but overly revealing clothes make me very self conscious and yucky. I also want to use my bigness at an asset- to accentuate and highlight aspects of a character maybe previously unconsidered. I have been really reading a lot of She-Hulk comics and loving her wit and intelligence. I also love her unapologetic attitude towards taking up space. I also look great in green!

I put make up all over my face and neck, and finished with red lipstick and plenty of black eye liner. I wore a black wig and a cute dress and sweater I had. I found green nylons at the party store and grabbed the moldering Hulk hands out of the back yard. I had really kicked ass at Yoga that morning which always makes me feel like throwing cars!Marvel party 088Avengers Assemble!!

Marvel party 079


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