Finally, Someone who F*cking Understands

I was recently forwarded this link, and my immediate reaction was “Oh shit! That’s me!”.

I fucking love things.  Shit sucks sometimes.  I am incredibly enthusiastic in my language.  And yes I have told my kids when screaming in the car that Mamma needs a fucking break if they want to arrive safely at their destination.  I don’t pull punches verbally and I am a blunt bitch.  However one thing I always tell my kids is we can swear about things, but we still don’t call people names.  That shit is just messed up.

I first realized that I was a mom that swore a lot many years ago as the Elf Prince was learning to talk.  I was in the kitchen and dropped a spoon.  hearing the clatter my 13 month old looked over at me and helpfully supplied “FUCK!”.  Then he went back to playing.  when the Goblin arrived and began playing with his things a common complaint (usually accompanied by a broken toy) was “Mom, she fucked up my shit”.

As the Elf has gotten older I worried at times that my fucking inability to control my mouth was going to lead to problems down the road for my children.  However I am impressed at their ability to code switch between how it is appropriate to talk at home and remembering that “we don’t say crap like that at school”.

So this is for all of the magical bitches with loud mouths and no filters.

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