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Hey Look We Have a Blog!


mermaid babes
By the way this is Totally  what we look like.

Long, long ago in 2011 two ladies met at a Waldorf pre-school and realized that we both loved dyed hair, rock and roll, and non-organic glitter.  We decided to start a business as a way for us to create a fantastical world inspired by our mutual love of fairy tales and the bizarre.  We dreamed of mermaids gnomes and creepy dolls, also making a million dollars on our artwork.

In the intervening years our commitment to our shop and crafts has gone up and down as children have grown, life has happened and making millions has failed to materialize.  MagicalBitches is The Tinderbox blog for our business and art projects (So please look at our portfolio and and have us make you a custom piñata).  But it’s also a place to examine how two women who would rather live in a grand Tolkien adventure attempt to navigate families, bills and the parts of life that don’t feel like a fairy tale.


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